There seem to be a great deal more Christian parenting books out there than there are parenting Bible studies. Books are good, but they are often filled with anecdotal stories and author directives that can sometimes be confused with God’s directives.

If you want to know what God says about how we should live and lead as parents, then straight to the Word of God is the best place to go!

Christian Parenting Bible Study Guides

While I wholeheartedly recommend reading the Bible directly, sometimes it’s hard to figure out themes and applications. That’s where these Bible study guides come in handy. Even better, they have challenging questions and discussion points to help you really chew on the scriptures and figure out how to live them in the way you parent!

The following Bible study discussion guides narrow in on the character, life, and teachings of Jesus. These studies do not give a long list of of do’s and don’ts. Instead they challenge you to think deeper about the how and why you parent the way you do. Does it align with Jesus?

What You Can Gain From Studying Parenting

Sometimes we have this sense that parenting is “all natural” and intuitive. But that’s not necessarily true for everyone. You may come from a troubled childhood and don’t want to repeat the parenting you experienced. Or maybe it was good, but there’s just a few things that weren’t quite right and you don’t know what that is.

For those who’ve gone through these particular parenting Bible studies, many have found benefits beyond feeling more encouraged and equipped. You too, may find that it helps you understand and process your past. You may find that what you learn challenges you in your Christian living. Some have even commented that these lessons have made a difference in their marriages.

I’ll Let You In On A Little Secret

These studies weren’t written thinking exclusively about the parent child relationship. They were written thinking about discipleship, close relationships, and the many roles we find ourselves in.

The parent child relationship is complex. You are a teacher, leader, example, a loved one, mentor, and so much more. Many of your words will become their inner voice. Your attitudes, actions, and character will leave an indelible imprint for the rest of your child’s life.

I love how Christina uses Jesus’s own lessons to us to help us understand how to parent in a Christlike manner. It’s easy to read and perfect for small group study. It leads parents gently to understand Who Jesus truly is and how to do there best to imitate Him in their parenting.”

Author and Parent Coach Stephanie G. Cox, MSEd

I know how busy mom life is, so each guide is divided into 10 short lessons to fit your busy schedule. They work well for group discussions or as a devotional.

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You can get all of these books at many bookstores, including Barnes & Noble and at Amazon they are available on Kindle.

Parenting in Christ: Lessons from the Parables is available on audiobook.

What the Bible Really Says About Parenting

Unfortunately, some of have cherry picked a few verses to support already established ideas about how to parent. That’s not what I’ve done with Parenting in Christ. The first book, Parenting in Christ: Treasures for Parenting From Jesus has over 300 Bible verses in less than 50 pages. In all honesty, it could probably use a bit more writing between the scriptures.

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Lessons from the Parables, the second book, focuses entirely on the Parables Jesus told. Scripture leads the way, in what is probably a more easy to digest Bible study guide. I tried to keep it especially simple and more geared to the new Christian. As the parables are rich with meaning, a seasoned Christian is sure to find treasures there as well. Growing in Christ is the companion guide for teens and each week’s lesson matches up with the lesson in the adult guide.

To be honest, my personal favorite is the last one, Parenting in Christ: Training in the Disciplines of Jesus. It’s a very practical book that is intended for a little bit more seasoned Christian. It focuses on developing practices that encourage spiritual growth.

The Best Parenting Book

Which one is right for you? Depends on where you are and what you are looking for. Any of the above books might be better for you in this moment. Or maybe you’d like one of those parenting books that tells you exactly what to do. Sometimes those are very handy. These books aren’t that.

​It’s so refreshing to see guidance to parenthood that starts with the heart of Jesus, versus a list of do’s and don’ts. Our children are always watching us and how our heart changes affects them more than any successful parenting technique. I love how the material here really reminds us as parents how we ought to present this world to our children; it gives us freedom rather than making us feel anxious that we’re doing a bad job.  This study is full of scripture and is intended to point us all (parents and our children) to the heart of Jesus.

Carol Lee Shin, Mother of 2

Some Final Words About These Parenting Bible Study Guides

Please don’t think I have it all together or have all the answers just because I put together these guides. I fail all the time. I don’t live up to what I write. But what I’ve put together was pieced through a great deal of prayer, time in the Bible, and lessons from sermons. Small groups of Bible studies and church leaders reshaped these lessons for more clarity and accuracy.

What I see in these books are guideposts and lamp lights. They’re what I am also striving for and falling short of. Thank goodness I’m a big fan of mercy. If you aren’t sure you’d like to get a book just yet, feel free to browse around and read my blog posts. Some have excerpts from the books and you can get a good idea if these might bless you and your family.

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