About Christina Dronen

Hi! I’m Christina Dronen, creator of this website and primary contributing author. I’m a wife, a mom of 3 sweet kiddos, and I’ve been leading Bible studies off and on for over 20 years. Growing up, I moved all around as a kid in an Air Force family, but settled down in the greater Los Angeles area in adulthood.

I’ve been tremendously blessed by being in mom church groups for over 12 years.Sometimes it took visiting a few to find a good fit, but for me, the switch over to parenthood was very hard and lonely, so connecting with other moms has greatly encouraged me. (I recommend it!)

Of course being with so many moms means so many parenting styles & ideas. Most of what I came across is “do it how I do it” kind of advice and here’s 1-2 Bible cherry picked Bible verses to make it “Christian.” 

I thought there must be more than this – so I searched and prayed and I feel like God opened up my mind to see all that He has to say about caring for those little ones who are so precious in His sight. 

So I put together Bible studies for my moms groups and with their feedback (and the feedback of some pastors and theologians) – they are now published as the “Parenting in Christ” series.

They are based very heavily in scripture and particularly Jesus centered. I believe Christ with the disciples is our best example on how to parent- and of course disciple!  So it’s not “do as I do” but “do as Jesus” with particular focus on the character of Christ and how we can model it to our kids, not just instruct with words.

Our Foster Care Ministry

My passion for healthy and whole families has led me to start a ministry with my husband for children transitioning out of the foster care system, called Finally Family Homes.

At Finally Family Homes you can find articles to help you lead your teens and young adults to connect and succeed in life.

If I am MIA here, I’m probably over there working and blogging.