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Parenting Kids Who Handle Money Well

Tomorrow, Tuesday August 21st I talk with Certified Financial Planner™, Army veteran, speaker, and  author Steve Repak, radio host of “Your Money God’s Way.” His show airs every Tuesday at 11 am EST on the Just Jesus Radio Network.

As you may or not know, Jesus talked a great deal about money. If we wish to parent in Christ, then we must guide our children in handling finances as Jesus taught. I believe Jesus talked so much about money because how we handle money reveals what we value most.  As Jesus said in Matthew 6:21, “for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” We put our best efforts and attention on what will build up our treasure.  


Planting the seeds of financial responsibility can start earlier than you think. Long before they learn how to count or balance a check book, a child’s character and attitude towards what they treasure lay the groundwork for how they will handle finances. Learning how to live in simplicity, gratitude, and self-control takes time and effort to develop. Gaining a healthy sense of humility, responsibility, and generosity requires practice and time to build up into strengths and skills.

Join Steve Repak and I as we discuss these issues and more 

at 11 am EST tomorrow. Otherwise the show will be available for on demand listening for a week until the next show airs the following Tuesday. Most people listen to the show via the #JustJesusRadio app or you can go to

If you missed it, you can listen in at:—Your-Money-Gods-Way-p948720/

For more about Steve Repak, visit his website: 

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Christina Dronen

Christian mom who practices gentle parenting. Author of the Parenting In Christ Bible study discussion guides.

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  1. Melissa Henderson says:

    Teaching children responsibility with money gives them great wisdom for their future.

    1. Christina Dronen says:

      Always – sometimes its easy to forget that childhood is also practice for adulthood. The patterns and habits we encourage now will continue into the future.

  2. Heather Hart says:

    This is such an important topic, and one that is often neglected. Thanks for giving us a heads up, hopefully I can tune in.

    1. Christina Dronen says:

      It’s available after for a week, if you missed it. I’m super preggo out of breath 😛
      Avail Fri at:—Your-Money-Gods-Way-p948720/

  3. Marcie Cramsey says:

    I look forward to hearing this! Thank you for the resource! Money is a very important topic to discuss with children. When children can learn how to appreciate what they have, learn to save for what they want, and give to others in need, they develop a heart of contentment and generosity. Of course, parents play a role in modeling this, not just teaching it.

    1. Christina Dronen says:

      Absolutely! Modeling is so important. We can teach them the best ideas but how we live is what they are most likely to pick up and hold on to.

  4. Yvonne Morgan says:

    Great topic and congratulations on the interview. How we spend does reflect what is important in our lives and our children see our habits too. If we want them to be good stewards, we must start teaching them early in life.

    1. Christina Dronen says:

      Thanks Yvonne!
      How we spend matters, but I think even how we prioritize earning money can tell a child a lot about what we value – where is our time going? Are we working crazy hours to get the latest gadgets or are we willing to forgo having fancy things so we can spend more time on ministry, family, etc.?

  5. Edna Davidsen says:

    Dear Christina!
    Thank you for what you shared here in your blog post “Parenting Kids who Handle Money Well.”
    I agree with you. It’s essential to plant those seeds on how to be financially responsible early in life.
    Glad to hear, that you get the possibility to share the Gospel on the Just Jesus Radio Network.
    With love,
    Edna Davidsen

    1. Christina Dronen says:

      Thanks Edna!
      It really is important to lay those foundations long before they even touch money! 🙂

  6. Emily | To Unearth says:

    This sounds great! I was blessed to have parents who taught me how to be wise with my money. And it has stuck with me to adulthood!

    1. Christina Dronen says:

      That really is a blessing, Emily! I unfortunately picked up some bad habits from mine – but they taught what they knew I guess!
      That’s why it’s so good to evaluate how we do things – perhaps we aren’t passing the best habits on to our kids?

  7. Annie Rim says:

    Our girls are preschool and early-elementary aged and I couldn’t agree more – talking about money and finances is part of our family conversations. Laying the groundwork for the future!

    1. Christina Dronen says:

      Definitely its good to talk. That’s great that you do it over dinner. I think regularly talking about something helps things sink in better over time.
      I think all the things UNDER how we handle money are really what matters – are we greedy or generous? Humble or entitled? Do we have gratitude and self-control?
      Do we value what God thinks of us or what others think of us and our status?
      I could definitely stand to talk some more about these things w/ the kids. Love the dinner idea!

  8. Nancy E. Head says:

    Money has to be real to kids. They have to know there is no magic money. My son wanted the expensive sneakers. I told him I’d pay the regular price, he could add the rest. He no longer wanted the expensive sneakers.
    Nothing like reality.

  9. Karen Friday says:

    Amazing insight, Christina. Isn’t Steve great? I love how you clearly communicate our responsibility as parent to start teaching kids financial wisdom early on. I never thought about it in the way you share. We often wait until their teenagers or older to teach them money doesn’t grow on trees. But we’re missing it by waiting so long. Thanks for your wisdom in this area.

  10. Karen Friday says:

    And excited to listen into the full broadcast.

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