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Much Ado About Easter

In my opinion, Easter should the most celebrated holiday for Christians. Every year I feel like Easter gets under-celebrated. The build up and hoopla around Easter just don’t measure up to Christmas. So this year I’m digging in and finding some (last minute) ideas and potential traditions for making more out of Easter.
Easter 7 years ago
Notre Dame de Paris 10 years ago
Before Easter:
Decorate!  Grab some durable decorations – I usually buy one or two new ones per year.​ I also love these classy and affordable decorating ideas.
Play some Easter music and movies for kids.

​Do this Easter Advent Calendar with free printables (example below) by Karrie at HappyMoneySaver. You can print them and put them into numbered plastic eggs or make a legit calendar out of them if you are more crafty.

Read the Easter Story  – we have this board book, which is good for the younger ones.
Ann Voskamp has some great thoughts, tools, and even a menu for putting together your own Passover Meal. Talking about Passover and the meaning behind it can help bring a greater appreciation and understanding for the anticipation of Christ’s coming and sacrifice.

She also has this awesome Easter garden.
Easter Breakfast:
Resurrection Sticky Buns 
I love the symbolism of the empty tomb.
Easter Breakfast Eggs
I also love these colored deviled eggs – however, being that I would eat the dyed parts I’d rather go with natural dyes.  Here’s some ways to naturally dye eggs, and a few more natural dyes here but they might add some unexpected flavors. And here’s what sounds like a better recipe from the Food Network.
Easter Dinner:
Easter Story Napkin Rings by Lacy at CatholicIcing.
​This website has the Easter story colorfully written on numbered printables that can be used as napkin rings or place settings. At dinner each person reads a part of the story. She also has these awesome empty tomb treats… a good fit for the cooking/crafting challenged like me.

​What are some of your favorite Easter traditions?

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Christina Dronen

Christian mom who practices gentle parenting. Author of the Parenting In Christ Bible study discussion guides.

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  1. Melinda Viergever Inman says:

    Great ideas! I’m tweeting this, too.

    1. Christina Dronen says:

      Thanks!! 🙂

  2. Marcie Cramsey says:

    I agree with you, Easter is not celebrated as much as it should be. It is the best time of year for all who follow Christ. It marks our freedom from sin and entrance into eternity with God. You share some great ideas!

    1. Christina Dronen says:

      Thank you! None are really mine – just a lot of research 😉

  3. Erin Young says:

    I’ve always wanted to make the Resurrection Sticky Buns. Thanks for putting it back on my radar for this week–better late than never! 🙂

    1. Christina Dronen says:

      I’ve still been meaning to make mine… the issue is my husband is gluten free – so it’s a bit more daunting. I could just make some for the kids and I though 😉

  4. Christina Dronen says:

    Thanks All!
    I’m thinking of doing a follow up “pinterest fail” version of how my attempts turned out. 😉

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